Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is your timming ?

we are open 24/7 for orphans.

Do you admit un owned Or lawaris child ?

No we do not admit un owned child, we only admit childrens who has guardian but can’t afford.

Do you charge any fee ?

No. we do not charge any fee from orphans for anything.

What are the requirement to admin an orphans ?

Please visit this link to see detailed requirement about admitting an orphans

Do you also have place for girl orphans ?

Currently we do not have any plane for girls orphans. we only have boys

Can we adopt any children from SYK ?

No, we do not have the permission to let you adopt any orphan directly from us.

What are the financial sources of SYK

We are charity organization since 1938. People from in our locality and some of our well wisher from abroad donate us on regular basis.

Can i sponsor an orphan by donating on monthly basis ?

Yes. Anyone can sponsor an orphans by donating $100 per moth.