To Provide Quality Education to orphans is our primary goal. SYK management send them to local government schools. SYK management also send some of the competent orphans to local “ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL” not all of them due to our limited resources. Apart from schooling SYK also provide the orphans with library, where orphans can also read other books of their interest.

SYK is providing them with a computer lab, where they can learn and practice computer skills.


Apart from Schooling. We also made 3 rooms for topper of school to build healthy competition among the orphans. One room is dedicated for Hizul Quran Toppers, 2nd one is dedicated for school class toppers and 3rd is dedicated to good character senior students.
We offer them school tuition in the evenings depending upon availability of the funds. We also give 1000Rs cash to Class position holders and 500Rs cash prize to orphan students who take 80% or above in their respective annual results.
A separate study room is available along with library where they can study in calm and peace as usually in hostel environment, it is difficult to study when lots of other students are around you.

Schooling Facility

Education is basic right of every child. SYK is committed to provide best schooling facility available within the city. we admit mostly all students to private school where they are get quality education.


Religious Education

we offer Hifzul Quran Facility To orphans in SYK voluntarily. It is not a compulsion from organization side that every student should do hifzul Quran. It is the discrete of the orphan student, if he wish to go for hifzul Quran then a dedicated hafiz sb is giving them Hifzul Quran Classes.

We Also focus on Masnoon duain. We try that every student learn it and utilize it in their Practical Life



Computer  Education

Today world is of modern technology. we try that all orphan should learn computer skills. we offer them classes for MS Office, Inpage, Corel draw and photoshop. So they have skills to learn and earn.


Separate Study Room/Library

3 Separate rooms are decorated for good students to have positive competition among good orphans students

  1. One room dedicated for Toppers Of School
  2. One room dedicated for Good Hifzul Quran Students
  3. One room dedicated for Good Senior Students.

A dedicated Study Room is made for orphans where they can study in privacy. In that study room 300+ books are available for reading other than the coarse books.